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tg® Fix Tubular Net Bandage

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tg® Fix 25m (27.5 yds), Size A $5.93
tg® Fix 25m (27.5 yds), Size B $6.52
tg® Fix 25m (27.5 yds), Size C $9.57
tg® Fix 25m (27.5 yds), Size D $16.88
tg® Fix 25m (27.5 yds), Size E $19.73

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Quick Overview

Wide-mesh, highly elastic tubular net bandage for fast and easy retention of all types of wound dressings, also for the application of occlusion films.

Product Description

tg® Fix conforms well to body contours without creasing, it does not tighten and is hardly felt. The material is ladder-proof; the dressing can be cut open at any point without the cuts tearing further.

For wound inspection and dressing change, it is usually sufficient to partially lift the tubular net or to pull it back. For this reason it is also well suited for aftercare at home.

Sizing Information
Size A: for fingers
Size B: for small extremities (several fingers together/hand/foot)
Size C: for large extremities (small head/arm/leg)
Size D: for large head, small trunk
Size E: for large trunk, hip, armpit

Product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Lohmann & Rauscher
Brand tg Fix

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