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Aquacel® Ag Hydrofiber® Wound Dressing with Ionic Silver

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Aquacel® Ag Dressing, Square, 2" x 2" (10/BX) $119.00
Aquacel® Ag Dressing, Square, 4" x 4.7" (10/BX) $231.83
Aquacel® Ag Dressing, Square, 6" x 6" (5/BX) $245.00
Aquacel® Ag Dressing, Rectangle, 8" x 12" (5/BX) $360.00
Aquacel® Ag Dressing, Ribbon, .75" x 18" (5/BX) $129.48

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Quick Overview

AQUACEL® Ag dressing incorporating unique Hydrofiber® Technology with 1.2% (w/w) silver combines the favorable gelling characteristics of Hydrofiber® Technology with the broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties of ionic silver (Ag+). It is a versatile primary dressing indicated for moderate to highly exuding chronic and acute wounds where there is an infection or an increased risk of infection when used in a comprehensive protocol of care. Also available in ribbon form, with stichbonding for added strength.

Product Description

• Provides excellent absorption and retention capabilities for moderate to highly exuding wounds
• Conforms to the wound surface to form an intimate contact
• Helps reduce wound pain while the dressing is in situ and upon removal.
• Supports wound healing by providing a moist wound healing environment

Tips for use*:
• Always wash your hands before and after each dressing change, and follow the instructions provided by your doctor or healthcare provider
• Cleanse with a proper wound cleanser and dry the surrounding skin thoroughly

*Please see package insert for complete Directions for Use.

Call your doctor or healthcare provider if you notice any of the following as they may be signs of infection:
• "Drainage excess, change in color/consistency"
• "Redness"
• "Warmth around the wound"
• "Poor granulation tissue"
• "Unusual odor"
• "Sudden high glucose in patient with diabetes"

Additional Information

Manufacturer ConvaTec
Brand Aquacel Ag

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