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Caresia™ Arm Bandage Liner

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Quick Overview

Caresia™ Arm Bandage Liners make multi-layered bandaging much easier, decreasing patient stress and increasing therapeutic results.

Product Description

Caresia™ Bandage Liners are standard-sized bandage liners, which simplify complex multi-layered bandaging protocols, while enhancing therapeutic outcomes in the active phase of therapy.

Caresia™ Bandage Liners replace stockinette and multiple layers of padding or foam. Patients simply don Caresia™ and then, using a spiral or figure-eight wrapping style with 50% overlap, wrap over the top of the Caresia™ with short-stretch bandages. The short-stretch bandages should be applied to provide a snug fit, but not too tight.

The unique foam chips used in every Caresia™ will help resolve tissue induration, stimulate interstitial fluid movement, and diffuse irregular wrapping pressures. Caresia™ with over-wrapping is much more comfortable and effective than standard bandaging for patients during the active phase of therapy.

Caresia™ decreases the patient's stress levels, thus increasing patient compliance. Solaris manipulates the insertion of foam chips to create a medial to lateral pressure differential to encourage interstitial fluid movement toward the collateral pathways.

Available Sizes & Information:
Small: (Wrist Girth: Up to 16cm / Bicep Girth: Up to 30cm / Length: 42-47cm)
Medium: (Wrist Girth: Up to 22cm / Bicep Girth: Up to 40cm / Length: 42-47cm)
Large: (Wrist Girth: Up to 28cm / Bicep Girth: Up to 50cm / Length: 42-47cm)

Additional Information

Manufacturer Solaris
Brand Caresia

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